How email marketing can make you revenue - Case Study

How email marketing can make you revenue
Case Study

Sophie Tucker

Over the past few months, we’ve been rolling out a series of email campaigns for our clients to boost their revenue and they’ve been a great success. We assessed their current sales and products and worked out the best offers that would not only drive revenue but protect profit margins.

Email marketing is extremely important for ecommerce businesses. But you knew that.

A 12 days of Christmas campaign we developed for a store with 12,500 email contacts drove over $32k in revenue, earning $20 for every dollar spent.

Another client generated over $16,000 in revenue in a similar campaign—music to the ears hey.

For each of the 12 days, we presented incentives to purchase products through customised deals, coupled with eye catching design. These promotions varied from free express shipping, a percentage discount, BOGO and gifting a free product when that loyal loving customer spent a certain amount.

That said, your email campaign doesn’t have to last 12 days to reap rewards. It can be a one off send with a great promotion. When one of our clients wanted to do a product push to sell old inventory, we set up a simple campaign with a 20% discount. This email generated $8,000 revenue, had a $31% open rate and 6.1% click through—well above the MailChimp industry benchmarks.

For emails, our method is simple and it works—we use creative gifs and sleek design, coupled with clear CTAs and an incentive the customer can’t resist. At the end of the day, the goal is to encourage customers to browse the featured products and ultimately make a purchase.

To get a taste, here’s how some of our campaigns look:


When to send

Email marketing has great impact around seasonal times of the year. Your campaigns should target peak times in the year:

  • Christmas and Boxing Day
  • Mothers Day
  • Fathers Day
  • Easter
  • Black Friday
  • Big world events such as the Australian Open, World Cup, Grand Prix or Tour de France—the list goes on.

If you sell chocolate, Easter and Mother’s Day are a no-brainer for you to get sending. If you’re selling premium football boots, start talking to your customers just before the training season kicks off and give them some great deals to kick start the season that they simply can’t refuse. Timing is important to maximise value and revenue.

Don't be afraid to send

Are you fearful of the unsubscribe? You shouldn’t be. Bottom line is, don’t be afraid to send. At the end of the day, the more emails you send the more sales you’re going to make. For one of our clients ‘12 days’ campaign, we sent an email everyday and the average unsubscribe rate was only 0.32% for each email and they generated over $33,000 in revenue. Problem? Don’t think so.

The bottom line

A carefully crafted email campaign will help maintain your loyal customer base who are likely to spread the word about the great deals they’ve received, ultimately gaining new customers and building loyalty with your existing ones.

Simple email marketing is something all ecommerce businesses can implement and in return will reap a big ROI. Here at DO, we work out the best way to encourage your customers to purchase your products through analysing your customers current purchasing trends and creating an effective email campaign with simple, yet creative design to deliver conversion.

Basically when done well, emails = easy $$. Think in the mind of the customer aka a human being. Who doesn’t love a discount in this day and age?

If you’re interested in a DO email marketing package for 2018 to increase your sales, get in touch.