Kicking goals for the world's biggest football store

Kicking goals for the world's biggest football store

Sophie Tucker

We’ve recently rolled out a new homepage for Ultra Football.


Ultra Football have been kicking goals through their online store since we helped them launch in 2016, building a huge ecommerce business from the ground up on Shopify Plus.

Recently they took it to another level, launching the world's biggest football store in Sydney. Their bricks and mortar experience raised the bar, so it was up to DO to take their website to a new level.

Irrespective of the new store opening, the lifecycle of any good start-up usually involved a fairly substantial revamp within its first 12-18 months, so we took the opportunity to do a full audit of the site.

The audit helped us to simplify the navigation and interface to improve the customer experience. We also gave the site a new look with a slick black and white interface.

Some of the features include:

  • Slick monochrome branding and design to bring the brand and experience in line with their bricks and mortar store.
  • Showcasing Nike and Adidas brand content with smooth functionality for desktop and mobile.
  • Data driven focus on showcasing best selling products and promoting full product range.

Ultra Football mobile design

“The website re-design has changed the experience for customers in the way they view and shop products on Ultra Football. DO had a focus to improve the satisfaction and efficiency for a customer online and the new site has done exactly that. The work to implement efficient options such as a hamburger menu, boot room and shop by category option has really made a difference.”
Matt Adams, Commercial Manager Ultra Football

By analysing your homepage analytics and traffic you can understand what your customers are searching for and increase conversions.

As customer behaviour is constantly changing, it’s important to keep on track of their wants and needs to allow them to find what they are searching for within a few clicks.

If your homepage is in need of an audit, revamp or complete rebuild, get in touch, it’s what we DO.