Launching a startup in 5 weeks

Launching a startup in 5 weeks

Sophie Tucker

How we launched the groovy start up Hey Tiger.

When we got a knock on the DO door from Cyan Ta’eed from Envato to bring her new venture to life, we were pretty excited. Firstly because the project sounded really exciting, and secondly because this website is selling ethical chocolate that’s handmade in Melbourne (so we were secretly hoping we may get a few cheeky choccies - which we did! Boy they are delicious).

This site is one we are pretty proud of. Not only did we turn around designs, development and deployment in just five weeks, but through working closely with the savvy Hey Tiger team we have launched a beautiful website with seamless ecommerce functionality that has you at hello.

Visit the site to see the magic—quirky content coupled with stunning product imagery and best practice ecommerce design. And while you’re there, just try to resist buying some chocolate.

Working with a tight deadline meant we had to focus on one thing: Getting. It. Done. We had to prioritise and streamline our internal processes even more than usual to juggle this build, while keeping our other projects progressing at full pace. But when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Some features of Hey Tiger:

  • Focus on data capture - essential for any start-up
  • Customer experience design to cater for different target audiences: chocolate lovers, gift buyers and corporate, including pre-populated gift messages
  • Highly optimised mobile experience
  • Finely tuned, yet subtle animation to add pizzaz, but not detract from best practice ecommerce functionality 
  • Postcode search to allow the customer with custom delivery areas

To say the least, we really enjoyed this project and are excited to keep the Hey Tiger and DO partnership rolling. The next round of functionality will add another level of excitement to the store to keep improving conversions for this sure to be successful start up.

Give us a buzz if you've got a great start up you can't wait to bring to life.