What we learnt at Shopify Unite 2018

What we learnt at Shopify Unite 2018

Martin Cox

DO Commerce was at Shopify’s Unite conference in Toronto, learning about the latest trends in commerce and hearing first hand about Shopify’s product announcements for the year.

Attending Shopify Unite gave us the opportunity to rub shoulders with Shopify’s team from around the world, meet fellow Shopify Partners and inspire us to find new ways to help our clients grow.

Shopify have compiled a full list of their product announcements which are sure to get every Shopify merchant excited and convince many businesses to make the move to Shopify.

Here are some of the things that we’re most excited about:

The list of reasons to not choose Shopify is running dry

Loren Padelford, GM, Shopify Plus proudly said in his keynote:

“We’re running out of excuses for people to not join Shopify”

And he’s right.

Since the launch of Shopify Plus a few years ago, its feature set has steadily grown, with the introduction of tools such as Scripts (to customise pricing, checkouts and shipping), Flow (Automation tool), Launchpad (scheduled marketing events) and extended APIs.

This year’s Unite announcements take it to another level, with the introduction of:

We’ve added some more notes on some of these features below. If you want to learn more about anything, drop us a line.

Dropping the ‘E’ from e-commerce

Shopify has long moved beyond being just a service that people use for creating an online store. With a heap of POS announcements, the introduction of multi store inventory and enhanced marketing and automation tools, Shopify is a commerce platform that helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to sell more.

In all of the presentations at Unite, the speakers referred only to commerce, not e-commerce, signifying that the interactions between customers and businesses transcend multiple channels, both physical and digital and the lines between the two no longer exist.

Focus on innovative complexity

A common theme throughout the product announcements were solutions that make repetitive operations tasks simpler (or automated) so that businesses can focus on solving complex problems that create new growth opportunities for their business.

Shopify Flow’s new connectors will allow merchants to create automated flows that connect different apps and marketing platforms, all from within the Shopify dashboard.

As an example, they showed how Loyalty Lion can be used to easily send out automated emails through mail platforms such as Klaviyo and MailChimp. We expect the list of apps that integrate with Shopify Flow to increase quickly in the coming months.

Multi-currency checkout

Shopify Plus stores will soon be able to offer multiple currencies on their stores. Shopify Payments will allow selling in AUD, EUR, JPY, SGD, USD, CAD, HKD, NZD, and GBP, with more to be added soon. This will limit the need for some businesses to have multiple stores and make it easy to test new markets.

Location, location, location

It’s been a long time coming, but finally Shopify has rolled out its most requested new feature: multi location inventory. This will enable stores with stock in multiple locations to track this within Shopify and create a seamless experience for customers and staff alike to fulfill orders.

Businesses with multiple sales channels, such as online, POS and wholesale will be able to manage all inventory locations in one place.

BOGO and Quantity Discounts

This is a massive time saver for all Shopify merchants! Previously only available using Shopify Scripts, all stores can now easily create Buy X, Get Y promotions and quantity based discounts.

This functionality is already live and can be accessed through the Discounts section in Shopify.

Starting now, all Shopify stores can create BOGO promos, such as:

  • Buy X, get a second product or collection for free, or % discount: Buy 1 shoe, get socks 50% off
  • Specify single or multiple products or collections for X and Y: Buy any product, get 50% off shirts and pants
  • Customise details down to the product variant: Buy 1 medium red sweatshirt, get 1 t-shirt free

And quantity discounts offer plenty of flexibility, such as:

  • Offer a % discount based on quantity or cart value: Buy 2 or more socks, get 20% off
  • Offer $ discounts based on quantity or cart value: Spend $100 or more, get $25 off
  • Offer free shipping based on quantity or cart value: Free shipping when you buy 3 or more products



Shopify’s POS has been available for several years but its limited functionality has stopped many business from trying it.

POS is now free on all Shopify plans, encouraging businesses to dabble in using the POS sales channel for either a pop-up store, or as an alternative to using a third party platform.

Locations will make the biggest impact to the power of POS and Shopify have also made it easier for developers to create custom apps to work with POS.

To wrap it up

Unite taught us a lot. We were inspired by the immense capability of the commerce landscape and how quickly it’s growing. It’s getting bigger every day, and with these new Shopify features the opportunities to merchants are endless. If you’re keen to explore some of these and roll them out across your site, don’t be shy, get in touch. Let’s DO this.