Why animated explainer videos are great - a communication opportunity

Why animated explainer videos are great
a communication opportunity

Laura Qureshi

Think about how you read, learn or consume any type of information today. We joke via memes, react using emoticons and make decisions on what to buy or watch by short previews of videos, reviews or star ratings. This is why explainer videos have such a significant role in promoting your brand or organisation.

Explainer videos give your brand or company the opportunity to accurately but quickly get a message across.

The key benefits include:

  • Ability to explain complex, difficult or instruction laden topics.
  • Fast turn around and instant impact.
  • Ability to utilise the video asset in multiple formats and platforms - GIFs, social media, email, websites.
  • Utilisation of various creative disciplines to communicate visually - design, animation and audio.
  • Connect digital content by showing people exactly where to click, how to download, what to visit and how to act.

Our process is simple and efficient, allowing us to deliver your explainer video quickly, efficiently and most importantly impactfully.

The process:

  • Undertake a briefing session - identify key messages, understand what you are trying to achieve.
  • Develop and present video blueprint - including script writing and visual outline.
  • Storyboard - present a visual step by step preview of the video and accompanying audio.
  • Animation and recording - Produce your video and record your audio message.
  • Post production - Refinement and editing based on feedback and preparation for final video provision.
  • Release - Showcase video to desired audience - this can vary depending on client requirements and resources.

The old saying of a ‘picture tells a thousand’ words is more poignant for videos. When a picture or brochure doesn’t quite cut it and a thousand words is just too much to read - give your audience something they can watch, understand and act upon with ease.

Some of our recent work is featured below, we would love to chat about your video requirements today so get in touch.