Why migrating to Shopify Plus will grow your sales

Why migrating to Shopify Plus will grow your sales

Martin Cox

We’re Shopify Plus Partners. There are only 13 Shopify Plus Partners in the Asia-Pacific region and we’re proud to be one of them.

Businesses that are transacting over $50k per month are often choosing Shopify Plus, and for those making over $100k per month, it’s almost essential.

A large number of enterprise-level brands are making the switch to Plus from Magento, BigCommerce and other ecommerce platforms. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know why.

Shopify Plus allows online retailers to refocus their budgets and human capital away from costly development and infrastructure. Due to the brilliance of the platform, business owners can look at more important matters like customer engagement, social influence, strategy and data-guided marketing.

Shopify Plus

So why is Shopify Plus the one-stop-shop for a booming business?

Multiple stores

With Plus, you can have up to 10 stores in your account, which can be used for different currencies and wholesale stores. This allows you to reach multiple audiences.

For wholesale, you can have a single storefront that pulls from a single inventory pool, as Shopify Plus allows for separate pricing or customer lists. Wholesale orders are not disruptive, treated any differently to a normal order, or require manual attention that can slow and negatively impact the customer experience. Have a read of our Whitepaper for more info.

Plus can handle thousands of orders per minute—there’s no limit to your sales volume, the bandwidth you require, or the number of products you can sell. So when you know you are going to be slammed for a Black Friday or Boxing Day sale, no dramas. Shopify Plus has your back.

The servers just don’t go down. Shopify’s highly scalable SaaS platform assures 99.97% uptime for your website and gives your customers a fast ‘Usain Bolt’ experience. You also have reduced IT hardware and manpower costs so you can concentrate on your business, rather than technical jargon you really don’t understand.

Make your vision a reality
We all have a vision in mind, and Shopify Plus let’s you achieve this. It offers a fully customisable and brandable design. Shopify Plus is the only Shopify plan which allows you to customise at the checkout level and add code–other plans only allow light customisation.

Discounts, gift cards and custom experiences
The Shopify Gift Card API is exclusive to Shopify Plus and allows customers to pay with a gift card. The discount feature allows developers to create, manage and destroy discount codes via the API programmatically. The user API allows you to create custom experiences based which is great for manipulating redirects for specific account users when using a multi-store setup.

Don’t worry, it’s very secure—Shopify Plus is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant and uses continuous risk management and annual on-site compliance.

Custom fulfillment
Shipwire, Webgistix and Fulfillment by Amazon are already built in to Shopify Plus. You can also use the robust API to create a custom fulfillment app to connect to other solutions you use.

Payment gateways
Good news here: You can sell online, in-store and through any channel you wish. You can accept payments from over 70 payment gateways such as PayPal and even Bitcoin. It’s also possible to sell in multiple regions and in different languages. Plus, you can negotiate credit card rates by accepting payments directly with Shopify Plus. Pretty dreamy hey.

Interpreting your data
Its advanced reporting and analytics features, boosted by Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics engine, helps you gain deep insights and understand your customers better. And the interface is very easy to interpret (no offence Google Analytics). You can create custom reports to for your marketing campaigns, customer flow, returning customers, conversion rates—the list goes on.

DO and Plus

We’re Shopify Plus Partners. There are only 13 Shopify Plus Partners in the Asia-Pacific region and we’re proud to be one of them. This means we’ve gone through a rigorous accreditation process to earn the Shopify badge of honour. It also means you can you can trust us to deliver an exceptional site and keep growing your sales.

In 2017, our Shopify clients transacted over $10 million.

If you know you need Plus or think you do but need some advice, give us a bell. That’s what we’re here for.